summer sandals


it’s the time of year where I start obsessing over a pair of new sandals for summer.  my favorite pair broke at the end of last season, so I’m on the hunt for new neutral colored ones.  of course I found some black and grey pairs I liked too.

{all from sunset}


8 Responses to “summer sandals”

  1. jamie said:

    oh i like those grey ones! i have been hunting for perfect sandals for several summers. :(

  2. vanessa said:

    you’re killin’ me!!! i want to expose my toes but it’s too cold here in boston. i’ll take one of each of these, please.

    also, sad to hear about your frye’s breaking. I’ve been considering a pair, thinking that for the price they would last forever (or at least for several seasons!) now i think i will reconsider.

  3. alyson said:

    Vanessa – I’d had those shoes for two good summers {I got them in 2009} and I literally wore them all the time! I’ve even considered contacting Frye about the because I’ve had SUCH good luck with Frye otherwise!

  4. Brittany said:

    Ooh, I love those ones on the upper left! For me, it’s all about the Dansko Sissys. Super comfortable and cute with everything!

  5. vanessa said:

    Good to know, Alyson, but you’ve tempted me now with so many other goodies in this post!! :-)

  6. Heather said:

    Keep us updated on the hunt! I’m always in need of sandal suggestions too.