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right this second…


I’m looking forward to:
a sunny weekend!

I really want:
this planter.
this pillow.
one of these giant cloches.
this blanket.

dlb and I went on a date tonight to our favorite restaurant and followed it up with a leisurely walk as the sun went down.  we wanted to go on one more date – just the two of us – before our little man makes his arrival, which could be any day now!  it’s so crazy to think that in just a few shorts weeks, we’ll be a little family.  by the way, here’s a few pregnancy & baby related posts I wrote this week for Babble and Unruly Little Things:

confessions from an anxious mom-to-be.
the cutest teething toys for babies!
lightening and other pre-labor signs.
5 things I couldn’t have lived without during pregnancy.
I just can’t get enough of baby stripes.
and me… 37 weeks pregnant and full term.  yay!

happy weekend, friends!  I hope it’s sunny and warm where you are.

{photo by chris.lin}


right this second…


I’m looking forward to:
spending LOTS of time outdoors tomorrow.  I’m taking advantage of every second of sunshine I can get!
a walking/ice cream/sunshine ritual with dlb.

I’m loving:
everything Regina’s created lately, especially this turtle!
this dress.
this cookbook.

a few weeks ago I shared a few links for Elle Decor – check them out here!

I also write for Babble’s Being Pregnant as well as post cute finds on my baby blog, Unruly Little Things.  here’s a few posts you might enjoy:

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some cute things I spotted for the baby’s room.
and me… 36 weeks pregnant.  so close!

happy weekend friends!!!  I hope it’s sunny where you are.

{photo from hildagrahnat}


spring raincoats

rain steven alan

even though spring feels like it’s finally arrived in Portland, I know that the rain is definitely not finished.  we’ve got a good month left until the warmth and sunshine clear away the rain for summer.  so lately I’ve been thinking about spring raincoats.  I like these two from Steven Alan.

psst… you can get 25% off one Steven Alan purchase this weekend, enter HIPHOP25.