hi friends!  if you’ve tried to visit either one of my blogs in the past few days and had no success, it’s because our main server went down!  arghh…  thankfully, our technical group worked super hard and got us back up and running this morning.  so sorry for the lack of posts!

now I’ve caught a cold that has me coughing and wheezing so I’m planning to spend the day in bed with some hot tea at my bedside.  hope to be back tomorrow.  xo.

{photo by me}


7 Responses to “…”

  1. nicole b. said:

    I was wondering what happened… glad you’re back online. Beautiful photograph. Feel better soon! xo.

  2. Lexie said:

    I was wondering what happened! I posted about making your biscuits on my blog and was afraid I wouldnt be able to link readers to your recipe! Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Cat {brideblu} said:

    Oh, sorry hear of your cold. Springtime colds are the worst! Drink lots of hot tea and feel better soon!