a little announcement

me 34 weeks pregnant

hi friends!  if you follow my pregnancy / personal blog, Unruly Little Things, you may have already caught the announcement, but I’m super excited to announce that I’ll be joining the crew of great bloggers at Babble’s Being Pregnant blog.  if you’ve never heard of Babble, it’s truly a great site and a wonderful resource for pregnancy, babies and pretty much anything family related.  I’ll be blogging for the Being Pregnant blog every day in addition to posting here and on Unruly Little Things.

my first posts are here:
the newest collection of adorable knit toys from Blabla Kids.
baby hiccups from the womb!
5 things I never knew until before becoming pregnant.

I hope you’ll follow me as I enter the final weeks of my pregnancy!  that’s me up there – 34 weeks pregnant and glowing!  a little over a month till my due date!


4 Responses to “a little announcement”

  1. Carolina said:

    Congrats!! you’ll be a mommy soon!

    I will defintly follow you on the Being Pregnant blog!
    Thank you for posting the most wonderfull pics and information!

    I started my own handbags brand here in Lima Peru, “CaroMia” and you help me a lot with the information in your Blog, for me is all about inspiration, I can get a new idea by looking pics, so thank you again!

  2. C said:

    I heart this picture of you and your baby .. Congrats