my friend Leah just shot some gorgeous photos for her blog SpacePDX in one of my favorite Portland haunts, Artemisia.  it’s my go-to spot for unique plants and decor inspiration.  if you’re in Portland and you haven’t been there yet – it’s a must!!

also, be sure to check out Leah’s site for more beautiful photography.

{photos by Leah Verwey}


7 Responses to “artemisia”

  1. cassie said:

    Love the coral and urchins. The urchins are unexpected and I think that’s what won me over.

  2. a flourishing perspective said:

    what stunning photos! the first one nearly takes my breath away with the shimmering sunlight shining on the terrariums! ♥

    i want to visit this beautiful place!

  3. Meaghin said:

    I was just out in Portland and completely fell in love with the city. We didn’t make it here, but I’ve now added it to my list for our next visit! Thanks for sharing.