burlapped hellebore + french bouquets


hellebores are popping up everywhere in Portland right now.  they are quite possibly my favorite flower of late.  so unique and such beautiful colors.  I think this burlapped hellebore would be just perfect in my windowsill!

speaking of flowers and Portland, my friend Chelsea Fuss of the blog frolic! is hosting a class on How to Make a French Hand-Tied Bouquet.  the workshop sounds so dreamy!  perfectly timed with Mother’s Day.  space is limited, sign up here!

frolic flowers

{top image from terrain, bottom image from frolic}


7 Responses to “burlapped hellebore + french bouquets”

  1. rebecca said:

    they are lovely! sometimes it’s hard to see their pretty faces when they’re planted in the ground and nodding their heads down. i’ve seen the blossoms displayed floating in a bowl of water which gives you the chance to study all their details.

  2. jamie shea said:

    wow. this is stunning.
    i love fresh flower arrangements, as they change so drastically with the placement of just one new addition…
    but this. this brings it to a whole new level. i’m in awe. thank you so much for sharing!

  3. brianne @ the ravenna girls said:

    Hellebores are so my favorite. They have a whimsy while still being simple and elegant I think. And they are one of the only cold weather bloomers which is such a treat for all this rain we’ve been having :)

  4. rebecca s. said:

    such gorgeous flowers, i wish i could attend that workshop!

    also, i wanted to thank you for sharing your biscuit recipe and strawberry cake recipe. my husband and i are in love with both.

  5. Emily said:

    These are so beautiful! They almost look fake!! Wish I could hop and learn how to make!!!