right this second…


I’m looking forward to:
spending LOTS of time outdoors tomorrow.  I’m taking advantage of every second of sunshine I can get!
a walking/ice cream/sunshine ritual with dlb.

I’m loving:
everything Regina’s created lately, especially this turtle!
this dress.
this cookbook.

a few weeks ago I shared a few links for Elle Decor – check them out here!

I also write for Babble’s Being Pregnant as well as post cute finds on my baby blog, Unruly Little Things.  here’s a few posts you might enjoy:

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and me… 36 weeks pregnant.  so close!

happy weekend friends!!!  I hope it’s sunny where you are.

{photo from hildagrahnat}


One Response to “right this second…”

  1. regina said:

    big old *squish*hug* for the love, the sunny days and the baby bump. thanks alyson.