the gambler cape coat

gambler cape coat

highs barely reaching 50 degrees and what seems like non-stop rain have me dragging back out my heavy sweaters, boots and tights that I keep trying to hide in the back of my closet.  even though I’m longing for the warmer days ahead, I’d love to snuggle up in this cape coat today.


6 Responses to “the gambler cape coat”

  1. Chaucee said:

    Love this cape coat! That would be great to wear around the house.

  2. Ana said:

    Love the coat! I wish PDX’s Spring would arrive earlier than it usually does. I’m “spring-ifying” my apparel with some brighter colors and an occasional appearance of my white jeans.

  3. mosey said:

    Love. This looks a lot like my lovely blue robe… which I sometimes wear outside when walking the dog. I always thought it looked too stylish to never make an outdoor appearance!

  4. Sara said:

    Looks so snuggly and soft, but 10x nicer than my robe so I could wear it out. 50 degree weather sounds nice right now. It’s been a little too warm for my liking in LA, it’s been in the 80s lately.

  5. Jesse said:

    so cozy, i worry i’d never take it off!