Monthly Archives: May 2011


meet Wolf

ean wolf

wolf wynn brown

born may 26, 2011 at 6:48 pm
7lbs 8oz, 21.5 inches long

we are so in love.  he’s seriously the most amazing little person ever.  thank you so much for all your kind words over the past few weeks!  I’ve got some special guest bloggers lined up to keep you company but I’ll be popping in a few times to say hello.

ean wolf

taking some time…

time off

to relax a little bit before this baby arrives.  call it “the calm before the storm” I suppose.  except, this storm will be a tiny newborn baby that I’m sure will be more like a beam of sunshine that we’re so happy to welcome into our lives.  {come on little man!  I promise it’s much more exciting out here than in there!}

I’ll be back to let you know he’s arrived, but no need to fear, I’ve got a whole bunch of amazing guest blogging mamas and mamas-to-be who’ve graciously prepared some posts to keep you company while I’m off being a new mom.

I’ll be back soon my friends!!


{photo from hildagrahnat}