summer come quick


we’ve had a few random warm days in the past few weeks that have me longing for summer.  long sunny days, warm evenings, plenty of time spent outdoors, fresh fruits and veggies and summer beers.  however, this summer will be different than any other summer I’ve ever experienced.  in case you’re new here or just out of the loop, I’m due with our first baby in 10 short days!

while it may be different, I’ve got a feeling we’re in for our best summer yet.

dreamy summer photos from my summer flickr set.


7 Responses to “summer come quick”

  1. Michelle Smid said:

    This Portland spring has been SUCH a tease! I am longing for those things too… *sigh* Where is your favourite place to walk in Portland? I’d love some summer walk ideas!

  2. Chaucee said:

    Oh my these photos are just the perfect teaser for summer. It’s going to be a great season!

  3. Jill Wignall said:

    Just dropped into see if you’ve had the baby yet and read that you are only ten days away. Exciting stuff. Hope your last couple of week (or less) are enjoyable and I’m sure this will be your best summer yet!

  4. erin said:

    your summer shots are incredible. i want a big bite (or five) of that peachy-blueberry goodness.

  5. janis said:

    i can’t believe the baby is coming so soon! i hope these next few days go quickly & without too much discomfort!

  6. Meagan said:

    It’s a summer day here in Chicago and I have been taking advantage! I just spent an hour on a blanket in the grass reading a book and painting my nails. It was heaven! Can’t believe your baby is due so soon – congrats!