happy mother’s day


happy mother’s day to all you beautiful mothers out there.  I can’t believe I’ll be cherishing the bliss of motherhood with you soon.

this is my favorite photo of my mom, ever.


14 Responses to “happy mother’s day”

  1. linda said:

    wow. she’s so pretty. hope you and your mom have a wonderful mother’s day!

  2. Mandy said:

    I can see why! beautiful beautiful photo

  3. Ann said:

    Beautiful photo.
    Cherishing the bliss eh? I’m a mom and um….

  4. odessa said:

    oh, goodness alyson..your mom is gorgeous! happy mother’s day to you too. xo

  5. hila said:

    that is so sweet, she looks so pretty.

  6. kerry said:

    Lovely…….Love looking at old photographs of my mum…….

  7. rebecca s. said:

    an absolutely beautiful photo to cherish.

    i hope you enjoyed your mother’s day!

  8. natalie said:

    How luck to have such an amazing picture of your mom! Beautiful indeed.

  9. Borda said:

    I love it! Your mom looks beautiful – as she always does!