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this post is a lot different than what you typically might see here on Unruly Things, but when it comes to supporting friends and something I believe in, I think I can take a leap from the ordinary!  a few of the wonderful people I’ve been so lucky to meet here in Portland are working to produce a local documentary called One Fall.  it’s not exactly about wrestling, but about the struggles and dreams of one man.

“One Fall” is a character-driven piece following Dan Closser: By day, a Portland tow truck driver, but by night, a struggling wrestling promoter on the brink of financial collapse. Dan “The Man” pulls out every move, while chasing his hopes and dreams of turning his bush league promotion of wannabe professional wrestlers into a roster of world renowned superstars.  His journey is cut short at every turn: Family hardships, endless injuries, a wrestler suicide, leaving Dan “The Man” with only one way out: To lead 16 wrestlers in breaking the Guinness Book record for the longest, non-stop wrestling event.  The recurring themes in “One Fall” will resonate within anyone who has dared to dream about finding success down the road less traveled.

“We all have dreams, and very few of us have the stamina to continue following them. The characters in this film are shown battering their bodies night after night to realize their dreams. And Carl the Mailman has been right there alongside them, pouring his own passion into something he truly believes in.”

Carl Fondelheit, along with his wife Kimi Kolba and friends and producers, Ann & Russ McGarry, have all been working diligently on this project and they are so close to reaching their goal to complete it.  take a look at the video and tell me it’s not compelling.  and help out if you can.

one fall 2

{top photo by Kimi, polaroid by Ann}