outdoor games

bocce ball 1

with summer right around the corner, I’m dreaming about outdoor picnics, long afternoons and lawn games.  my friends and I enjoy bocce ball.  have you ever played?

what kind of outdoor games do you play in the summer?

bocce ball 2

{photos from buttercup caren and quan ras}


7 Responses to “outdoor games”

  1. caroline said:

    bocce ball and shuffleboard are the only games I can play. :P

  2. fiona said:

    tennis and beach volleyball. but you can’t wear cute straw hats while playing either… :(

  3. Kirstin said:

    I love bocce ball! My family plays it all the time. When I am home visiting my brother and I like to throw around the frisbee or go for bike rides around the neighborhood.

  4. nicole b. said:

    We love bocce ball. We play it all the time. We also like croquet, tennis and we are BIG into kickball. My husband and I are on an adult kickball team in an intermediate league, here in Little Rock. It’s serious business! xoxo.

  5. gia said:

    I like ladder ball, super fun! setting up really far away from eachother on a beach… that’s the best. :)