rock collections

cori kindred

I love these rock collections by my friend Cori Kindred.  instead of labeling them by their proper name, she picked words inspired by the shape and color of the stone.  aren’t they pretty?

psst… if you’re going to be in Portland this weekend, Lynn from Satsuma Press is curating an Etsy pop up event at West Elm in the Pearl with lots of my favorite etsy sellers.  it should be lots of fun!


7 Responses to “rock collections”

  1. Gloria said:

    love this idea – how creative! “muse” is beautiful

  2. Amy said:

    So much prettier than their scientific names.

  3. caroline said:

    reminds me of elementary school! I love it. and collecting rocks was a pasttime of mine. this makes me want to look for my old rock collection.

  4. Gee said:

    Hey! My boyfriend and I are coming to Portland from Canada at the end of July/beginning of August for 5 days. Any suggestions for things to do and see? We want to go to the Oregon Coast as well – any tips and advice would be a huge help! Thanks!

  5. cori said:

    thanks for the sweet post alyson! i just had a feeling you’d like these ;)