taking some time…

time off

to relax a little bit before this baby arrives.  call it “the calm before the storm” I suppose.  except, this storm will be a tiny newborn baby that I’m sure will be more like a beam of sunshine that we’re so happy to welcome into our lives.  {come on little man!  I promise it’s much more exciting out here than in there!}

I’ll be back to let you know he’s arrived, but no need to fear, I’ve got a whole bunch of amazing guest blogging mamas and mamas-to-be who’ve graciously prepared some posts to keep you company while I’m off being a new mom.

I’ll be back soon my friends!!


{photo from hildagrahnat}


26 Responses to “taking some time…”

  1. Debbie said:

    I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you, Levi, and the little one, Alyson!

  2. Bec said:

    all the very best! yay for babies :) and mom’s (or, as we say, mum’s!)

  3. tricot rouge said:

    Good luck ! Hope to hear about the arrival of your little man soon ! camille

  4. kristina said:

    Enjoy these few days (or hours!) to yourself. Can’t wait to meet the little beam of sunshine.

  5. Kendall Monroe said:

    Enjoy these moments!
    Cant wait to hear all about your little man!
    keeping you in my thoughts!

  6. sarah said:

    wow, I can’t believe it’s time! Many, many congrats – and good luck! I hope the birth goes very well. Enjoy meeting your little man, face-to-face!! =)

  7. Rachael said:

    Enjoy! I wanted to tell you I thought your Babble posts were great. Good genuine writing and sharing, and unexpected on a shopping site. Thanks!

  8. a flourishing perspective said:

    hello, darling!

    i hope that everything goes smoothly with the beautiful arrival of your first little one. i’ve been following you via facebook and love to read your baby babble posts!

    enjoy your relaxing time and i can’t wait to hear back from you once your a new mama:)


  9. Laura said:

    Congratulations but darn! I was hoping I’d found a cool style blog where I wouldn’t have to read about moms and babies. I’m childless due to a medical condition so it’s tough to reminded of that when I’m innocently looking for style inspiration.

  10. redmenace said:

    Enjoy! Enjoy! It WILL be crazy, but sooooo soooo lovely too. xo

  11. Fel said:

    I remember clearly waiting (and waiting) (and waiting) for my first baby. He didn’t arrive until 42 weeks…..

    Wishing you a wonderful birth!

  12. sarah said:

    breaks are necessary and well deserved. Such an exciting time. I read all the time and rarely comment – cause i end up multi-tasking, but just wanted to say we’ll miss you, congrats and enjoy some rest before baby! xo

  13. Pinar said:

    Good luck with everything :) we wish you the best to your expanding family :)

  14. nileta said:

    you have a lovely blog!
    i wish you all the best for the new member of your family!
    what a great adventure its going to be!

  15. marta said:

    am thinking of you and praying for a happy, healthy delivery. all the unknowns are so fun. enjoy it and relax until the big day. how wonderful to look forward to a birthday. hooray for you. can’t wait to hear. xo.

  16. Megan said:

    Love your blog! We are literally living parallel lives :) Best of luck.