zara wish list


my Dad is coming for a visit in June and mentioned he could make a stop at Zara in the Philippines if I wanted anything….  um, yes, please!!  if only I knew what size I’d be post baby…

speaking of baby…  I’m officially on maternity leave from work!  sorry for the lack of posting yesterday.  I felt like I was playing hooky so I spent the day away from the computer.


2 Responses to “zara wish list”

  1. Abigail said:

    Just think not so much about the size, but the breastfeed-ability of your clothes (if you’re going to breastfeed). I had to leave a lot more clothes in storage for longer than I thought I would have to!

    Congrats, Mama- I can’t wait to see your post-baby blogs.. and I am sure you’ll be right back to your old self in no time, you don’t look like you’ve gained any weight at all! :)

  2. rebecca s. said:

    what a special treat! a visit from dad AND zara goodies. lovely lovely!

    your picks are fantastic, i love the color on that first dress. and the dress itself is very pretty.