guest post: dolls & robots

Hi, This is Ali from Ali Loves Curtis.  What is it about babies in sailor wear? At a church meeting a few Sundays ago, I couldn’t keep my eyes off a chubby baby girl in a navy blue sailor hat with dress to match. I really love the old, classic stuff (like this vintage number from Petits Habits) and I like the cheeky, new stuff too (this trompe l’oeil shirt designed by Ritsuko Harai and this sail boat tee from Bobo Choses, for examples).


But these special little breton sweaters from Dolls and Robots are really tugging at my heartstrings with their irregular seams and button-up collars with contrasting fabric. They are available in red and blue this June. And those linen totes will be nice for toting baby W’s things at the Oregon Coast this summer.

Congratulations, Alyson and a warm welcome to the world, baby Wolf!

2 Responses to “guest post: dolls & robots”

  1. Cassie said:

    I am such a sucker for anything nautical. love these things!

  2. chanteuse chérie said:

    I just let out a great, big “Aaaaawww!” in the middle of a NYC bound train. Not caring how many strange looks I’m getting. These are adorable.