guest post: drawer liners made of gift wrap

during my maternity leave, I asked a few of my favorite mamas and mamas-to-be to kindly step in with some fun guest posts to keep you company

Hey! I’m Jen of the Haystack Needle and Cabin 7. It’s super awesome to be here, since Unruly Things has been a favorite daily read of mine for a long time. And being just a few weeks behind Alyson’s guess date (our baby girl or boy is due early June!), I’ve been hooked on following Alyson’s finds at Unruly Little Things. For me, the last few weeks have definitely brought on the nesting gene. I find myself wanting to organize or style every space in our apartment.

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We lucked into a free changing table, as my friend + shop partner Chris was redecorating her bedroom and bestowed this antique dresser on us. It’s a beauty and it’s the perfect height for a changing table so we’re using it in the nursery (still need the changing pad.) I’ve always liked to line my dresser drawers with gift wrap papers. Sure, your stuff inevitably hides most of the paper’s pattern, but I love seeing the snips of color. And it provides a nice clean surface underneath (bonus, considering our dressers are secondhand.) Here’s a peek inside the drawers of our soon-to-be changing table. I used some favorite gift wraps I had lying around (including papers by Rifle Paper, eieio, and Snow & Graham), Mod Podge, and a foam brush to adhere the papers inside the wooden drawers. It helps to use a wallpaper brush to smooth the paper down as you position the paper in the drawer. And I used a little exacto knife to snip excess paper.

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ps. True story. While I was working on the dresser, I found love letters from 1947 hidden underneath one of the drawers! It was such a sweet discovery.

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And here’s some gift wrap inspiration: I thought these patterns would make fun drawer liners. (Gift wraps: Snow & Graham for Paper Source, Cavallini for Paper Source, John Derian, Paper Source original)


5 Responses to “guest post: drawer liners made of gift wrap”

  1. Micaela said:

    How sweet! My mom did this with my drawers when I was little. I also remember her lining one of my drawers with a newspaper from the day I was born.

  2. Kara said:

    I love this idea, but am concerned for what happens when your child starts teething! That gorgeous antique piece is going to become a teething piece.. and be ruined.

  3. Benita Wheeler said:

    It reminds me of my godmother. She is like this Martha Stewart personality, she always lined her drawers.