guest post: gifts for a wee baby boy

hello all! i am mrs. french from bliss and i couldn’t be happier to be here and under these circumstances! i am not such a fan of the typical baby shower; party games and too much attention make me a bit nervous. however, i do love to shower my mother-to-be-friends with gifts. i so wish i could go crazy and give them everything i find fitting for the new tiny addition…the beauty of the blog world, is that i can compile a list of sweet things and share all of them this way. which is why i am thrilled to offer up these little virtual gifts to alyson and her wee baby boy:

wagon sweater

little wagoneer sweater

flame mat

flame play rug

cat vest

handsome kitty in a vest

baby hammock

comfy baby hammock

a snuggly "noonie"

a snuggly “noonie”

a cutie with claws

a cutie with claws

a clever jumpsuit

a clever jumpsuit

i so do wish i could wrap all of these up and give them to ms. alyson in real life…instead i offer up good old fashioned love and happy, healthy baby vibes.

2 Responses to “guest post: gifts for a wee baby boy”

  1. Brittany said:

    Um, I am a 28 year old female and I would totally love to own the handsome kitty in a vest. ;o) He’s sooooo cute!!

  2. Lindsey said:

    That Mawok baby hammock is just the ticket! After telling myself to forget about the Stokke Sleepi Mini because it’s just too expensive, ‘ve been looking for a Moses Basket but many of them are just plain hideous. This is great because it’s mobile, affordable and strangely attractive despite it’s very utilitarian form and materials. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing. xo