guest post: practical new mama supplies

during my maternity leave, I asked a few of my favorite mamas and mamas-to-be to kindly step in with some fun guest posts to keep you company

congratulations, alyson. nothing is as happy as cuddling a newborn babe, especially when they are your very own! am so delighted for your duo to become a trio. it’s the best thing in the world. i’ve been a mom for just 2 1/2 years, so i thought i ought to make a list of my favorite and practical new mama supplies. my simple advice is to nap a lot and let your hubby help out as much as possible, especially in the beginning. take dozens of photos. enjoy every moment. onto the list.

new mom supplies

Oxy Clean (sprinkle this in hot water and let those onesies–or diapers–soak in the sink. i swear by this stuff.)

• plenty of light-weight and over-sized swaddling blankets, my boy was definitely one who loved being swaddled. baby burritos are the cutest.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, MD. don’t fret the first few months, but this book really helped me with the whole routine thing.

• a bouncer seat. we borrowed one and loved it, no swing necessary. we even fed him in it for awhile!

Fisher Price portable high chair. not fancy, but totally perfect. this thing has gotten so much mileage! you can take it anywhere, it’s not a mammoth fixture in your kitchen, you can wash it down in the tub and it turns into a booster seat for toddlers. and the little tray goes in the dishwasher like a dream. seriously.

Pack N’ Play crib. ours lives in our car as we are constantly headed out of town. i keep it packed with the sheet on and i also keep four yards of black felt (so cheap) with it. i pin up insta-curtains ANYWHERE we go; hotels, in-laws, etc. best black-out solution ever.

footsie outfits. babes kick off their socks constantly! however we did find some rad bamboo socks that stayed on like a dream.

Lansinoh breast pads and cream. (your girls will thank you.)

• a good diaper bag. one that is cool enough for your hubby to carry too. we like moop brand.

• a Boppy really is helpful. i was glad i took it to the hospital, especially since i had a NICU baby. it seems like a nuisance, but really nice when you are getting used to holding and feeding your darling.

• hand sanitizer. you’ll want this on-hand forever. i recently discovered that it removes sharpie pen from surfaces!

• a stock of simple thank you note cards. like onesies, you may need more than you think!

• snap n’ go frame stroller. (the guy at Baby’s R Us talked us out of getting the monster stroller) i loved this simple lightweight stroller, just unfold and snap the car seat in. genius and so easy to manage. we also love the Bob running stroller too (our two year old still rides in it).

• lots of good shows from Netflix to keep you entertained in the wee hours of the morning and for date nights in w/ your trio! i liked

• plenty of pre-prepped nutritious yummy food and groceries. you still have to ‘eat for two’ for awhile.

• the kids’ nalgene brand water bottle is the only sippy cup i’ve found that does not leak. save yourself (and your furniture) and buy this one first!

my quotable kid. this is a darling book ready to fill up with baby’s first words! i love having it on hand when my toddler started talking up a storm.

• cheerful fingernail polish. instantly feel pretty when mama’s body doesn’t quite look the same as it used to! i love sally hansen complete salon manicure in kook a-mango.

-Marta, Marta Writes


5 Responses to “guest post: practical new mama supplies”

  1. joanna goddard said:

    LOVE THIS!!! such great, great tips. black felt is going to save our lives in an upcoming trip to england. thank you!! xo joanna

  2. Ashley S. said:

    Great list. Pushing Daisies was one of our all-time favorites. So sad it was canceled.

  3. hillary said:

    Great list!! I love the Quotable Kids book. Love the nail polish pick-me-up idea too; that’s really sweet.

    My only quibble is the Weissbluth book, for those who are having sleep troubles. I read it and it wasn’t a good fit for us. He recommends pretty strict cry-it-out techniques. If that isn’t your bag, then I think Zimmerman’s No Cry Sleep Solution is an excellent alternative. FWIW, Weissbluths’ book DOES have good sleep info, just his methods aren’t for everyone.

  4. Nicole said:

    I just popped over from Marta’s blog, and actually wanted to comment on Hillary’s comment!. I’m a new mom who already has taken note of the shrill, judgmental way in which so many parents philosophically and practically disagree about everything baby-related, especially sleep strategies! Thank you Hillary for adding your two cents with such respect, civility and helpfulness. I’m going to check out both Weissbluth and Zimmerman, and hopefully one will work best for us :)

  5. Danielle said:

    I agree about the Nalgene zippy cup. We love it!

    I also really like the Fischer Price portable high chair. It’s so easy to take along when visiting friends and family.