guest post: the nursing basket

Hello unruly things readers!  This is Jamie with A Desert Fete.

I have a little nugget of practical advice for all you soon-to-be or newish mom’s out there.

In the last few months of my pregnancy we, like most, took a number of classes on pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for babies. Some were super helpful, some were duds. (But that is another post.)

Our breastfeeding class was spot on. We left wanting more, but only because 2 hours was such a short time for such an important subject, and the lactation consultant who taught it packed in so much good info. Here was our favorite concept.

It is a scene well played in our household. (Ten fold in the later months of pregnancy, but I am completely guilty of it as a regular old non pregnant lady.) One becomes settled on the sofa, in bed, on the yoga mat…. and you realize you forgot a glass of water. Or your book. Or the remote. Then comes “Sweetie….? Could you bring me my….” Now imagine being settled with your little one happily latched on for supper. Maybe no one is even home to call on, and you realize you forgot your lip balm, and your lips are languishing in a desert of dryness. The horror! Enter:


Our instructor suggests keeping a basket handy that you always have by your side when about to nurse. It includes essentials for you, for example:

-a one handed read (ha)
-bottle of water
-iPad (lucky)

and for the little one

-a blanket (in case we fall asleep and want to stay there)
-a diaper & wipes for a quick change
-a burp cloth
-your feeding log (for the first weeks)

you get the idea.

Now go forth! Make your own list of must haves, then find yourself a nursing basket, fill it, and be prepared always! A few to get you started:


8 Responses to “guest post: the nursing basket”

  1. martha said:

    I am 6 months in – enjoying life with my own little Hank – and I sing the praises for the nursing basket! Great advice.

  2. Tina said:

    what a great idea! i’ll have to remember this for next time. that way i’m not asking my husband to fetch things. :)

  3. Lee said:

    What a great idea! Our breastfeeding class went for 4 hours and I thought it was about 2 hours too long. While they did share some important things I think this is a great tid bit to add to the pre-baby knowledge! thank you for sharing :)

  4. Jillian said:

    Where is basket 1. from? I didn’t see the link.

  5. Lacey said:

    I was lucky enough to get an iPad right after I had my baby girl and it is the BEST nursing companion EVER. Makes getting up in the middle of the night not so bad.