guest post: treasure every moment

during my maternity leave, I asked a few of my favorite mamas and mamas-to-be to kindly step in with some fun guest posts to keep you company

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Hello, Unruly Things readers!  This is Celia from Life According to Celia.  When Alyson asked me to contribute a guest post while she was taking some time off to spend with her new little man, I hesitated writing anything mom/baby related because sometimes I feel I get a little carried away with all the mom/baby talk. However, seeing as my baby was born just about a month ago, and new babies consume every single aspect of your life (including your thought process), I simply couldn’t resist. I thought long and hard about any sort of advice I could offer her as a recent mom myself. Besides basic logistics (changing diapers, figuring out which snap goes where on a onesie, etc.), you really don’t learn that much in the first four weeks. Most of the time, you and your baby are just getting to know each other in that first month. In a weird way, it’s kind of like dating… but with your baby. But there is one lesson I have learned, and I remind myself of it every day.

So here goes, Alyson (and all new moms out there)…

Treasure every moment. EVERY MOMENT. A few days ago, I was up with Lucia for her nightly 3 AM snack when I noticed her little hands start to reach for her bottle. I suddenly couldn’t wait for her to be able to hold her own bottle. I’d have the luxury of going back to bed, taking the time to brush my teeth, or even make myself a snack. The first few weeks are so difficult in a multitude of ways, that I think it’s only natural to long for a self sufficient baby that can restore your once-convenient lifestyle. But suddenly, I stopped myself. Joe and I are only planning on being a family of three, so this is it. She’s THE ONE. Every extraordinary moment with her will be gone before I know it.

When we were planning our wedding, the one thing every married couple would tell us was that your wedding day goes by in such a flash that chances are, you won’t remember most of it. We did not want that to be the case for us. Getting married is a pretty big deal, after all. So, we made it a point to really savor the day, to take the time to relish in every little detail. Now, I can happily say that our wedding is still so vivid in my mind. I want to have that exact experience with Lucia. I want to remember, REALLY remember, how it feels to watch her fall asleep on her dad’s chest, how she nuzzles her face into my neck when I hold her upright, all the funny noises she makes while she eats, and how right now, she depends on us for EVERYTHING. I know she won’t be doing these things forever, and if I consider the span of her entire life, she won’t be doing them for very long.

Good luck, Alyson, and don’t forget to love it *all*.


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