dreaming caribbean

we’ve had some pretty dreary summer weather in Portland lately so I’m distracting myself by browsing through photos of tropical destinations.

{monkey island, beach ‘brellas, cayman island palm tree, security check}


9 Responses to “dreaming…”

  1. casey said:

    man, i’d like to go to all those places please!! it’s raining here too. but we need it.

  2. kate said:

    Oh my god What I wouldn’t do to go there. I’m having a crappy day and i wish i was someplace tropical.

  3. Michelle Smid said:

    Thanks for lifting my spirits. This Portland weather IS dreary. My soul wants to swim, walk, hike – but my body just wants to curl up in a blanket with a good book. Boo.

  4. Ana SR said:

    Do you think we will ever get any summer weather in PDX? I’ve been wearing corals and super bright colors to cheer me up, but the rain is driving me nuts.

  5. Holly said:

    I just got back to Portland from this setting on the Big Island of Hawaii. And it worse going, and coming back to this Summer here, than dreaming about it beforehand.

  6. Jenn said:

    I’ve been doing the same thing. It’s been gray here in Seattle, and really cold in my apartment so I’ve been craving warmth. Then again, there’s people with sun but 100 degree weather, so I suppose it’s all relative.

  7. caroline said:

    I just came back from a trip to portland and I experienced the dreary rain and I loved it! all the times I’ve been it has been nice and sunny but I loved the light rain. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side..

  8. Karissa said:

    Looks beautiful! It’s quite rainy in Colorado too so tropical weather sounds amazing.

  9. elissa :: ebb & flow said:

    between these images and shark week i’ve been watching (lots of cool places!) i want to be somewhere tropical…although i could do without the sharks. eek!