friendship bracelets

friendship bracelets

I remember making friendship bracelets back when I was a kid.  at camp, secretly while in school or with friends.  one time I made one with 20 different colors.  it was an inch wide!

I love the bright colors used in these from Purl Bee.



12 Responses to “friendship bracelets”

  1. Claudia said:

    Nope, not ready to go back to friendship bracelets! I just can’t ;)

  2. Gloria said:

    Ahh some things just never get old :-) Love the colors!

  3. rebekkah said:

    love these! i used to make them all the time too! maybe we should start again!!


  4. josephine said:

    Oh wow, nostalgia overload! There were so many afternoons when my girlfriends and I would go to Woolworth’s around the corner from our school to pick out colors for our bracelets and then go to an ice cream shop or 7-Eleven… some of my happiest memories.

  5. indreams said:

    i just started making some for my friends, and i can’t get them to lie flat – they always bulge up on the left-hand side. any suggestions? yours look pretty darn awesome! :)

  6. Marthe said:

    I really crave making some right now! I jused to make bracelets on request for my classmates when I was about 11, even the boys!

  7. Johanna said:

    I’ve been hosting a little weekly craft night with some girlfriends and we’ve been preoccupied with these a lot lately. I think they’re cute and fun for summer time, especially updated with yarn or sturdy fibers instead of thread and simple brass clasps instead of a knot.

  8. Emily M said:

    I’m so glad these are coming back. I used to make tons of them when I was in middle school growing up. I just made a new one for myself – a 6 color chevron with a vintage button for the clasp – and love it all over again :)

  9. Katie H. said:

    I was recently inspired by Purl to make some friendship bracelets, too. it’s so relaxing and perfect for doing in front of a movie.
    @Emily — the button closure is great idea!!

  10. Dahlia said:

    I used to craft these bracelets when I was really young. I did it for lots of my friends.

    This make me remind the lost friends. Thanks.