putting my hair up in a ponytail is my go-to style when I’m feeling lazy.  however, I’m always looking for a way to refresh the style.  I wore my hair in a side-ponytail for our wedding with pieces of hair kind of swooped around.

do you ever wear your hair in a ponytail?  here are 22 different ways to wear a ponytail.

{via dace}


5 Responses to “ponytails”

  1. Borda said:

    My ponytail swings back and forth when I walk…

  2. Katherine said:

    I wear a pony daily. Although, these days my hair is short and my husband calls it my ‘paintbrush pony’. I can’t wait for it to be long again like these pics!

  3. Bob Urbanowski said:

    I saw an article on a news site just yesterday about celebrity ponytails. I really love a ponytail on a woman – perhaps it harks back to my school days when I was hopelessly in love with certain girls who always had their hair up at school!

  4. Dani Kreeft said:

    to be honest, i’m a bun girl. i stay away from ponytails for some reason, maybe i feel too girly and i’m looking for more of the hip ballerina look, BUT i’ve gravitated towards the very high bun look for years.
    maybe it’s time to change it up!

  5. Elizabeth said:

    i love wearing my hair in a low pony tail! I think it looks super chic, and it also still lets pieces frame my face! perfect for days full of running around!