summer goals

summer goals

last year I posted about this rad tumblr blog called Summer Goals.  it’s edited by two Portland pals, Anne & Christie, documenting summer and all it’s glory.  I’m excited to announce that not only did these two ladies publish a book, but I’m happy to have contributed a few photos to it! the official book launch party is tonight in Portland {which I’m sad to miss!} and with other amazing photographers contributing, Anabela and Kate to name a few, it’s bound to be amazing.

the book is available for purchase here.  let’s hold on to summer!

summer goals

4 Responses to “summer goals”

  1. Brodie said:

    this is actually amazing. i can’t wait for summer!

  2. meesch said:

    that sounds like such a great idea for a book! I might have to send that to a few of my lazier friends, inspire them to get up and do something with the amazing summer weather!


  3. Anne Parker said:

    we’re thrilled that you’re a part of this project, alyson! thanks for posting. :-) here’s hoping we have another month of summer left in portland!