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babble baby's first year

here are some recent instagram photos of us with Wolf.  he’s such a ham for the camera and I’ve got 1000+ on my phone to prove it!

if you’d like to read more about our journey with Wolf, I also write for Babble’s Baby’s First Year.  here are a few recent posts you may enjoy:

can you believe that this sweet little face has a wee witching hour?
a Moose, Wolf and a Cat – all in one house.
the post I avoided posting – to christen or not?
my sweat smells like maple syrup.
Wolf rolled over a month ago but nothing since.  thankfully, there’s a video to prove it!


8 Responses to “babble babble”

  1. Siri said:

    I spy matching mama and Wolf stripes!! Love them!!!

  2. celia said:

    same with cheechy. she rolled one time, and then nothing for about six weeks. our ped said it’s very normal. once they figure out how to do something, it takes a while for them to stay interested enough to keep doing it. now she’s a rolling machine. of course, she can only go in one direction, but still. ;)

  3. Fenke said:

    our son had a witching hour – but is wasn’t wee at all. he sometimed cried straight four 45 minutes or longer – and you can imagine that this would feel like HOURS. nothing has really helped, but we just accepted it, carried him around and waited until it was over. actually us trying to find something that would fix the situation made everything even more fuzzy. after some weeks noa was over the whole thing and everything was back to normal. “everything is just a phase” that really is true. before you can actually think of a “solution” the “problem” is already over. (i try not to think of every bump in the road as a problem that has to be solved, it really helps to stay relaxed.)