giveaway – ellington handbags

ellington purses

I love the new arrivals from Ellington.  such pretty leather and suede!  I have a purse from Ellington and it’s perfect for bike rides, baby stuff and more.

the sweet ladies at Ellington want to offer one Unruly Things reader a bag of their choice, lucky you!!  just leave a comment here letting us know which purse you’d choose no later than Friday at 5pm PST.  good luck!

can’t wait to find out who wins?  get 10% off any order with promo code UNRULY10 now!


282 Responses to “giveaway – ellington handbags”

  1. Shahnnen said:

    Eva crossbody purse in Black. I want the grey Suede hobo, but the rainy season is starting here in PDX [so soon! too soon!] and I don’t trust myself with suede.

  2. The Sister Of said:

    I really love the Kristen pouchette in black! It’s like the LBD of handbags.

  3. Brooke said:

    I LOVE all of them, especially the Eva tote in Cognac!!!

  4. lynn russell said:

    I love Ellington bags. I would choose the Eva Messenger Bag in Cognac for its function and beauty. Thank you for chance to win this generous giveaway!

  5. Kate said:

    The Eva tote looks amazing! Torn between the cognac or navy…

  6. penny said:

    simone tote in cognac, how perfect!!

  7. jesse said:

    so many to choose from, but i’d probably go with the sadie hobo in glazed cognac, so purty.

  8. Kristina said:

    Oooh i love all of them, but especially the simone tote in cognac!

  9. Annie said:

    Wow, they are all beautiful. I like the Sadie Hobo in Cognac. Very classic. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Kate W. said:

    Lucky us indeed!! I, like you, would love the Mia Tote in black. I’ve been on the hunt for a stylish bike-worthy bag and this looks like such a smart solution. Fingers crossed!

  11. Katie said:

    I would love the simone tote in cognac. I’d use it everyday!

  12. rose said:

    oh, wow! these are amazing. i love the eva tote.

  13. Kirsten said:

    I love the eva messenger bag in navy!

  14. Emily Elizabeth said:

    I love Ellington bags! I have the Mia tote in olive already, and I use it every day.
    I would go for the Eva tote in Cognac, it looks like a great size to use for going to and from work – and traveling too.

  15. Megan said:

    I think you got it right with the Mia tote. It looks like it holds everything.

  16. Kelly said:

    Ohhhh, I just love the Simone Tote in Cognac. A perfect new fall handbag!

  17. Jess said:

    I’d love the Eva tote in cognac. I use the Mia for my everyday bag to and from work and I absolutely love their bags!

  18. huebscher said:

    thanks for the opportunity to win! hannah calls to me … graaaaay … liiiilaaaac … no, graaaaay. ::grin::

  19. Meg said:

    The Joni Crossbody purse in black – the perfect urban bag! Thank you for introducing me to Ellington.

  20. Amanda Kernalea said:

    The Mia tote in blue is fantastic but it is sold out :( I wouldn’t argue with the olive colroed version though! It’d be perfect for my impending baby’s necessities- along with a few of mommy’s :D

  21. adrienne said:

    What beautiful bags, and I need a new one so bad!!! Love the messenger and convertible bags.

  22. sarah said:

    I love the Simone Crossbody bag in Cognac!!! Woohooo!

  23. julia said:

    wow, thanks alyson. i’ve been thinking i need a new bag for months now! i would LOVE the sadie hobo in cognac. these are gorgeous!

  24. Paula said:

    I like the Eva Messenger bag – I’m not sure which color I’d choose though!

  25. claire said:

    i absolutely LOVE the vivienne satchel in brown!

  26. Kendall Monroe said:

    I love the Eva Crossbody Bag in Cognac! Adorable! keeping my fingers crossed!

  27. Amanda said:

    These bags are GORGEOUS! I’d choose the Sadie Hobo in Glazed Forest Green.

  28. Mary Kate said:

    I love the Simone crossbody in cognac!

  29. allie m said:

    the adorable kristen pouchette!

  30. Emily said:

    I love the Mia small messenger bag in olive or blue! Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

  31. Kate said:

    I love that Eva tote in cognac. Pick me!!

  32. Amanda said:

    I love the Eva Messenger Bag in Cognac. What a great giveaway!

  33. caset said:

    Oh the tall one! Eva tote, cognac. . . love.

  34. leslie said:

    Eva crossbody purse for sure. earthy leather and those snaps did it for me!

  35. Rachel said:

    Simone tote in cognac. It looks so soft!

  36. Mirnesa said:

    I really like the Sadie Hobo bag in brown suede! :D

  37. Angel Y. said:

    I love the Mia Small Messenger bag in olive. Such great handbags. Thank you for sharing!

  38. Erin said:

    The Eva bag in Cognac looks big enough to hold allll of my school stuff (including big, and boring, law text books…) – but is way classier than my backpack which currently does that job!

  39. Michelle Rene said:

    ooOOOOooo! The Slouchy elegance of the Sadie Hobo in Glazed Cognac has completely won me over! (and I’ll bet it is baby-bottom soft to the touch!)

    *fingers crossed*

  40. Kathryn said:

    I absolutely love the NICOLE HOBO: YELLOW!!! Thanks!

  41. WSAKE said:

    I´d love the Sadie Hobo in Brown Suede – look like the perfect bag to me…

  42. Betsie said:

    The tan Bella Tote would be perfect for work: cute and polished, but with enough space for a book, my wallet, and my lunch.

  43. Ashley said:

    the eva tote in black <3 gorgeous!

  44. theresa o'donnell said:

    Oh my, the Star Clutch in blue! It is so awesome.

  45. Catherine L. said:

    So hard to narrow down, but probably the Sadie hobo in either glazed cognac or brown suede. Very entertaining to ponder … thanks!

  46. Christy said:

    I want the Eva tote in Cognac! :)

  47. Käthe said:

    Sadie hobo in brown suede – bicycle rides and baby stuff? Sounds perfect for me

  48. d said:

    I’d LOVE any of the Eva Totes. Such a perfect bag.

  49. lauren michele said:

    the eva tote in cognac is exactly what i need!

  50. Rebecca said:

    Tough call.. but I’d probably opt for the Sadie hobo in glazed red. Thanks!

  51. Katelyn said:

    I’d love the Joni Crossbody in Tan… or any color!

  52. Elizabeth said:

    Wow. All of these are gorgeous. I especially love the Sadie Hobo in both black and cognac!!

  53. Nan said:

    The Eva Messenger Bag in Cognac is lovely and practical.

  54. Marie said:

    The Simone tote in berry! Gorgeous leather, beautiful fall/winter color and plenty of space!

  55. Hayley said:

    Great giveaway! Love the Eva Messenger Bag in cognac. A lot.


  56. Courtney said:

    Yay! I always want a new handbag for fall.

  57. Pim Savetmalanond said:

    I love the Eva Messenger bag in Cognac–classic, practical, and elegant.

  58. Tania G. said:

    i love the Star Clutch in red :D

  59. Jess said:

    I love the Eva crossbody and the Sadie hobo in suede!

  60. Megan said:

    I love the Simone tote. I’d like to use it as a diaper bag:)

  61. Emily said:

    Oh…these are gorgeous. I would have to choose the Eva tote in cognac. I just love it!

  62. Loopy said:

    OMGosh! What an amazing giveaway for fall!
    And the Cognac Eva Tote would be super stylish for my school books!

  63. Sabrina said:

    The Vivienne satchel in brown has such a vintage, ladylike look. I love it.

  64. Sara P. said:

    The Bella Tote in Olive is my favorite!

  65. martha said:

    What a fabulous giveaway! I’d love the Mia Tote in Olive – looks perfect for holding all my stuff plus baby boy’s toys/bibs.

  66. Laura said:

    The Eva tote in cognac, definitely!!

  67. Kate said:

    The new sadie in brown suede is gorgeous!!! I also am thrilled you have checkbook wallets!!! :)

  68. Amanda said:

    I’m pretty sure I need the Eva tote in cognac to survive the winter.

  69. Allison said:

    Simone tote in cognac! I’ve been looking for a bag like that forever.

  70. sam said:

    i love the bella crossbody bag…but i can’t decide on a colour! maybe the midnight blue or the lavender. :)

  71. helen said:

    A toughy, but I’d go for the Vivienne Satchel in brown I think!

  72. Amy Olson said:

    what a tough decision! I was just there the other day and was admiring the Eva Tote in Cognac- it would be the perfect case for my Ipad- I’d love to take it to meetings.

  73. Jamie said:

    Ellington makes such beautiful bags. I’ve been lusting after the Sadie Hobo for a while now!

  74. Jennifer K T said:

    I love love love the sadie hobo in cognac. Such a wonderful collection and so nice of them to offer it to a follower of this blog! Unruly things is one of my favorite blogs to follow :) keep bloggin!

  75. Holly said:

    The Ellington shop is right by my house and very drool-worthy. I’d have to think long and hard about which I’d choose. I can’t decide!

  76. Navie H said:

    I looooooove the Eva Messenger Bag in Cognac

  77. angela hardison said:

    the cognac simone shoulder bag is pretty much what i’ve been looking for for awhile.

  78. Martina Lynne said:

    Wowsies! There’s kind of not one bag up there that I don’t love, but if I got to choose one to be my very own, I would jump all over the Eva Messenger in cognac. How classic is that?

  79. Alison said:

    I’m loving the Bella Hobo in olive and cognac. Perfect size and shape!

  80. Rebecca said:

    I have been loving these bags ever since I saw your post about the Mia Tote! If I was being frugal (which I usually have to be ;), I would go for the Mia Tote. If I wasn’t being frugal, I would go for that gorgeous Eva Tote in Cognac. I love that they are made by a smaller, local company. It is great!!

  81. Danielle said:

    So hard to choose just one. I really like the Simone tote in cognac.

  82. Liz said:

    I love the Amelia series but think I love the Simone tote in cognac the most!

  83. terreur said:

    oh so hard to pick just one, but i think i would go for the sadie hobo in gray suede. fingers crossed!

  84. Nina R said:

    I think I’d have to choose the Simple Tote in Cognac! It’s the perfect everyday bag!

  85. Liv said:

    Not an easy choice but I have my eye on the Bella Hobo in Olive. Yum.
    Great giveaway!

  86. Kathryn R. said:

    I don’t know if I could decide between the messenger bags or the gorgeous clutches — but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to have to pick :)

  87. emily said:

    Sadie Hobo in brown suede, all the way!!!

  88. Karen said:

    Without a doubt, the Eva tote in Cognac. I’ve been looking for the perfect brown bag and I think that’s the one.

  89. Beatriz Rodriguez said:

    The Annie tote/pack in gray is my favorite… It’s pretty and so practical!!!

  90. Ami said:

    Kristen puchette in white i think!! they are all so nice!

  91. Kristina said:

    Oh, so hard to choose! I guess I’d have to go with the Eva tote in cognac…but it is neck in neck with the Eva messenger! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  92. Katrina said:

    In love with the cognac Eva messenger bag – stylish enough for class AND work!

  93. Bernadette said:

    whoa! these are unreal. I love the Sadie Hobo: Brown Suede for day but the star clutch in black is amazing.

  94. Annie Mac said:

    Oh my goodness I would *love* the simone convertible belt bag in cognac!

  95. Callie said:

    I love the Sadie Hobo!

  96. Crystal said:

    Star clutch in black!

  97. kichi said:

    Eva messenger bag – cognac…loving the rest as well..;-)

  98. jamie said:

    OOOOOh probably the ava crossbody or sadie hobo. big enough for a few dipes!

  99. Sarah said:

    I would choose the Sadie Hobo. That slouch is so lazy winter days! I love my current Ellington bag and would rejoice to love another!

  100. jessica said:

    the Eva crossbody purse in cognac is my favorite!! :)

  101. Carol B said:

    The Eva tote in cognac would love being with me on my travels and would be lovingly admired by all. And it would go with me everywhere and be treated like a valued, hip girlfriend. Fingers crossed!

  102. Regan said:

    I am obsessed with the black star clutch. I’ve stared at it for months but cannot justify it…

  103. Jennifer Ruden said:

    I love the Eva Crossbody Purse. It’s elegant and timeless. Thanks for the opportunity.

  104. Stacey said:

    I love the Sadie Hobo in brown suede. yummy. really really beautiful!

  105. Lily said:

    Oh my god, the eva tote in cognac is breathtaking!!

  106. Autumn said:

    love the hobo in cognac. yummy.

  107. Catherine said:

    The Sadie Hobo in Glazed Cognac! Seriously beautiful. The purse of my dreams.

  108. Suzanne said:

    I love the black Simone tote.

  109. Hanna said:

    Love! I’d get Sadie Hobo: Glazed Cognac or Bella Hobo: Midnight Blue.

  110. Nali P. said:

    love the eva crossbody bag in cognac.

  111. Stella said:

    The star clutch in black! =)

  112. Allison said:

    The Nicole Hobo in Berry is my favorite!

  113. Kathi said:

    Sadie Hobo in Cognac! Practical yet so luxe.

  114. Molly Gilbert said:

    The Eva Messenger Bag in Cognac! Holy purse gods that’s a cute one…

  115. Natasha said:

    Warm day, cruiser, and the black Kristen Pouchette. Perfect!

  116. Felicity said:

    Tough decision! I like the Eva Tote in navy (and everything else). It’s pretty much perfect!

  117. Jessica said:

    Ooooh! I’d love to have the Star Clutch in blue! I’d take it to the top of the Standard in NYC and watch the sun set.

  118. Laura said:

    Wow, those are pretty cool. I like the Eva tote in Navy

  119. Melanie freeland said:

    Love these bags! I’d pick the Simone cross body in cognac. It’s perfect for shopping around town.

  120. Carolyn said:

    I love the star clutch in black!!

  121. Abbie said:

    I love the Sadie Hobo in Cognac!

  122. Caroline C said:

    oh, tough call. But I’d have to say that the sadie hobo in glazed cognac does it for me. they’re all so lovely.

  123. Cait said:

    I would love the star clutch in blue! what a great giveaway.

  124. april said:

    the simone shoulder bag in black please!

  125. Angie M. said:

    They are all so beautiful! I love the Eva Tote in Black.

  126. dc said:

    oooooo i love the leather!!

  127. Bridget D said:

    oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Kristen pouchette in black! wonderful!

  128. jennifer said:

    the simone crossbody purse in berry, so gorgeous!

  129. Lauren said:

    Great giveaway! I love the Eva Tote in Cognac, perfect shade of brown/tan!

  130. Sarah said:

    It’s such a tough choice; they are all so lovely. I think the Eva Tote in Cognac would be my choice of the moment! Thanks!

  131. Lilly said:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I love the Hannah bag in gray. The texture is divine.

  132. Elisse said:

    ooh ooh – the sadie hobo in green. It’s precious.

  133. Rachael said:

    those bags are perfect!

  134. Lisa said:

    The simone tote looks so luxurious, or the grey sued Sadie hobo, lovely.

  135. Rachael said:

    oops! i forgot to write the bag…I love the simone tote in cognac.

  136. Hillary said:

    Bella tote in Paprika! Love it!

  137. Cait said:

    That Eva tote is seriously to die for.

  138. Shelly said:

    I love the Eva Tote in Cognac…beautiful bag.

  139. Alyson said:

    The Vivienne Satchel in blue is just lovely!

  140. Ashley said:

    I’d choose the Sadie Hobo in Glazed Cognac


  141. Katie said:

    i’m in love with the eva tote (cognac)!! fingers crossed :)

  142. Jenine said:

    I love the Sadie Hobo in glazed red! Absolutey stunning.

  143. Jenna said:

    LOVE the star clutches in all colors.. But especially red.

  144. Colleen said:

    I just love the Sadie hobo in glazed cognac. A perfect fall bag indeed!

  145. tanya said:

    I would definitely get the eva tote, although they are all so lovely!

  146. Christa said:

    I am a new reader to your inspiring blog. Great giveaway! I love the Hannah Gray Tote.

  147. Jennifer said:

    I love the sadie hobo bag in brown suede – beautiful!

  148. Shauna said:

    So many cute options! I like the Mia Small messenger :)

  149. Lauren said:

    I really like the Eva crossbody purse in blac!!

  150. Rachel said:

    I love them all, but I just started grad school and could really use the annie tote/pack or the amelia convertible tote/pack in olive, eggplant, or navy :-) love these!

  151. Abbie said:

    I would pick the Bella Crossbody purse in seafoam green. Great giveaway!

  152. kathleen siegle said:

    i would pick the nicole hobo in cognac

  153. coral said:

    oooh, definitely the eva tote in navy!

  154. Katrina said:

    oh gosh……so hard to choose. They’re all so wonderful. I really like the crossbody purse.

  155. Leisha said:

    OOOH La La! It must be Vivienne the brunette – of course!

  156. indreams said:

    are those ever some amazing purses! my favourite is the star clutch in black, though…somewhat impractical for my hoarding needs, but oh-so-stylish. :)

    thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  157. Jillian said:

    Sadie Hobo in Cognac :) Pick me!

  158. Julia said:

    I love the Star Clutch in blue!

  159. andi said:

    sadie hobo. glazed forest green.
    to die for!

  160. Jane said:

    Ooooh, both the berry tote and the black eva messenger bags are soooo pretty.

  161. Gab said:

    loving the Eva Tote and the Star Clutch !

  162. bargain bex said:

    i heard the eva tote in navy whisper ‘pick me! pick me!’ right at me when i was scrolling the bagged beauties for my pretty little pick. promise i did. honest.

  163. Ainsley said:

    So tough to chose! Probably the simone crossbody in black, but the shoulder bag is tempting too!

  164. sara said:

    IN LOVE with the Ellington Sadie Hobo in Brown Suede…

    MMM… totally my dream bag!

  165. Sydney said:

    Oj my goodness… they were all so beautiful, it was hard to narrow it down to one favorite… It’s definitely between the Eva tote is black or cognac… but I’m leaning to Cognac.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. So very generous!

  166. Lauren said:

    Oh my gosh!
    The Mia small messenger in olive! Wow, I am in love!

    I cannot wait for the results :D

  167. colleen said:

    Oooh!!! I love Ellington too! I’m particularly fond of the Vivienne Satchel in Blue and the Star Clutch in Black! They are both soooo fabulous. XO

  168. Laura said:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love them all — especially the Cognac tote and the messenger style!

  169. Laura said:

    Oh, so hard to decide… I LOVE the Vivienne Satchel in blue!

  170. Laura said:

    I love the Eva Messenger Bag in Cognac — what a yummy color!

  171. Megan said:

    I would loooove the Eva Tote in Cognac!

    Love that it’s got a detachable cross-body strap, so it’s gorgeous AND genius!

  172. Ashley said:

    Nothing beats a beautiful weathered cognac leather – these guys have it down!

  173. Maya said:

    I love raffles!
    I am in desperate need of a clutch! The STAR CLUTCH: BLACK would be wonderful. Thank you!

  174. Rachel said:

    The Kristen pouchette is perfect!

  175. Jess said:

    I like the Sadie and the Joni!

  176. Noemi said:

    Ooh, I would 100% chose the Sadie Hobo in Glazed Forest Green. It’s stunning!

  177. Olesia said:

    Love all the bags)But Eva Tote in black especially)

  178. Liz said:

    The Eva Tote in Cognac is wonderful. It would be such a great upgrade for fall!

  179. Sara said:

    Oh, the Eva Messenger Bag in Cognac is lovely! It would be perfect for caring around all those student papers.

  180. diana said:

    So many beauties to choose from!

    Simone Crossbody in Cognac is my dream.

  181. tricia p said:

    ooh ooh ooh: definitely the sadie hobo in glazed red! fan-tastic

  182. candice said:

    well hello, joni crossbody in tan! don’t mind if i do. you’d be perfect for my daily commute!

  183. Sarah said:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I didn’t know about Ellington until now. As for my favorite bag, I think it’s the Sadie Hobo in Glazed Cognac.

  184. erica said:

    absolutely in love with Sadie Hobo: Glazed Forest Green! amazing!! xo

  185. Chelsea A said:

    Eva Tote in Black or Bella Tote in Graphite! Lovelovelove.

  186. Amy said:

    The Simone in cognac would be the perfect bag for my fall outfits. I usually go for blacks and grays but this year I’m mixing in brown shades. The leather on these look amazingly soft!

  187. Heather said:

    I have an Ellington purse that I’ve been using for over a year and I love it! Lately though, I could really use a smaller bag option for work… I’d love the Star Clutch in Black!

  188. Adrian said:

    The Sadie hobo in brown suede!! So many beautiful bags, though…

  189. elise said:

    so fantastic. I would love the star clutch in blue.

  190. Down and Out Chic said:

    I am in desperate need of a new bag for work. I love the Eva Tote in cognac. Thanks for the opportunity!

  191. Emily said:

    Just the kind of minimal/casual/structured bags I’ve been looking for! I’d love to be the proud new owner of one…

  192. Allyson Carreon said:

    the eva tote is absolutely gorgeous. thanks for sharing their site. love their bags!!

  193. Mari said:

    It’s hard to choose but I think the Bella Crossbody Purse: Tan would be great!

  194. Amanda said:

    I think I’d go for the Mia tote. Or maybe the Eva crossbody. Hard to choose!

  195. Meagan said:

    I can’t decide if I like the Simone shoulder bag or tote better and I can’t decide if I like black or cognac better! I usually drift towards cognac so maybe black would be a better option? I don’t know, but I do know that this is one of the most amazing giveaways ever. And that I need a new purse!

  196. Megan said:

    So many choices! Ellington is new to me and I’m loving the Simone Crossbody in Cognac.

  197. erin said:

    I’d like the Sadie Hobo in brown suede. :)

  198. Katherine said:

    The Simone Tote in Cognac is fantastic! I need a new bag for fall :) Great giveaway!

  199. Megan S. said:

    The Simone Tote in Cognac seems so functional and of course gorgeous!

  200. kos said:

    a new bag for fall, how splendid!

  201. Jenny Cook said:

    I would choose the Sadie Hobo in brown suede! So beautiful and autumn-y.

  202. Jess said:

    Oh, what a hard decision. I love the Eva messenger bag, but I also think that the Kristen Pouchette is just stellar!

  203. Lauren said:

    Love the Nicole Hobo in yellow, your own Mia tote in black, and the Eva tote in cognac. Thanks for the chance to win!

  204. melissa said:

    I like the Sadie Hobo: Grey!

    Great for fall and everyday :)

  205. Kathy in Michigan said:

    I saw a few that are fantastic but the Bella Crossbody Purse in Graphite is a MUST HAVE!! Wouldn’t it make a great great grrrrrrrrreat everyday bag??!!

  206. Rachel said:

    oh, I heart Sadie in glazed cognac!

    GREAT giveaway. Good luck everyone.

  207. Megan L. said:

    I love the Sadie Hobo: Glazed Cognac

  208. Mary Frances said:

    I love the Eva Crossbody Purse in Cognac. It seems so versatile – and pretty.

  209. swiss said:

    Wow lovely bags. If I won I’d happily have either the Sadie Hobo: Glazed Forest Green or the Eva Messenger in Black. Beautiful

  210. Julie said:

    The Nicole Hobo in Cognac will be mine! Oh yes it will be mine!

  211. Kelly said:

    the sadie hobo is so beautiful!

  212. Jenney said:

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I especially love the Simone Tote in cognac.

  213. kate said:

    the star clutch is cute in black. i could use a nice clutch.

  214. Sienna R said:

    I adore the Kristen Pouchette in Red. There’s nothing like a little red in the winter.

  215. Kristen S said:

    i love the sadie hobo in black! so cute.

  216. melissalaree said:

    have never owned a new purse before.
    here’s hoping for the black eva messenger bag.


  217. Lindley said:

    The Simone Tote in Cognac is beautiful! I like the clean lines and the size makes it a perfect classy campus bag.

  218. Haley said:

    I am drooling over the Eva Messenger Bag in Cognac! Beautiful!

  219. Genevieve said:

    I love love love the eva tote in cognac!

  220. Natalie said:

    Eva messenger navy because it would hold my laptop and be perfect for work – respectable but not dowdy!

  221. Loren Vitello said:

    Yes please! The Sadie Hobo: Glazed Cognac is gorgeous. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  222. Karri said:

    It’s fun to stop by their store! I would enjoy having the Hannah crossbody purse in black. Thanks!

  223. Khol said:

    So many lovely bags! I especially love the Mia Tote in olive. I just started a new internship and have been on the search for a work tote – this one would be perfect!

  224. Amy said:

    Gotta go with the Eva tote in cognac.

  225. Lindsey said:

    Eva in navy or Mia in Blue? Both so adorable, how do I decide!?

  226. arvee said:

    I have so many faves but if i’ll win, i want that eva messenger bag in cognac! ♥

  227. Sherisa D said:

    I would definitely LOVE to win the Amelia convertible tote/pack in eggplant! It is everything I am looking for in a bag, especially now that I’ve taken up biking absolutely everywhere and I could just wear it as a back pack when I’m riding! LOVE

  228. Dana said:

    Eva tote! Eva tote! Good timing–I need to replace mine. :D

  229. Valerie said:

    I’d love a messenger bag… or maybe one of the hobo bags… or a shoulder bag… too many choices!

  230. Heather said:

    OMG gorgeous! Eva Tote in Cognac for me.

  231. Anna McG said:

    oooo so many to choose from! it has to be the Sadie Hobo in grey suede! thanks alyson xxx

  232. heidij said:

    Oohh!Totally out of my price range! If it could be me I’d take the Simone Tote Cognac…

  233. Elena said:

    It’s so hard to choose but I think I could settle for the Sadie hobo in Cognac!

  234. Elisabeth said:

    I LOVE the Vivienne Satchel in blue! Fingers crossed! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  235. Courtney O. said:

    The Eva Messenger Bag in Cognac or the Sadie Hobo — Surprise me!

  236. Jennifer said:

    I have been looking for a functional bag for grad school, work and life! EVA MESSENGER BAG :-)

  237. kerri said:

    these bags are beautiful!
    i particularly love the mia small messenger in olive. :)

  238. erika said:

    i adore the bella hobo in paprika! i think it would go with me everywhere :>

  239. Crystal Pierre said:

    I need a new purse bad! I’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect purse and these are absolutely beautiful! Pick me pick me! :O)

  240. Muoi said:

    I would pick the Bella Crossbody purse in graphite. I love the shape and color.

  241. Alix O said:

    Oh my gosh that Eva tote in cognac is just delicious! Def my pick!

  242. kt said:

    What beautiful bags. Loving the Sadie Hobo in cognac. Fingers crossed!!

  243. Vivian said:

    Picture this: long legs, tight short skirt, stockings, high heeled ankle boots, boyfriend tee, red lipstick, hair up and my perfectly manicured hand casually holding the Star Clutch. Pick me please!

  244. Amber said:

    Aye Dios, how does one choose ? Well, if I must then I’d have to go with the multifunctional Simone Convertible Belt Bag in Cognac.

  245. Karena said:

    First off, I love, love, love Ellington! Their shop is one of my favorites. Secondly, I would adore to have the Sadie Hobo Glazed Cognac as my companion this fall!

  246. Whitney said:

    The Eva Messenger bag is gorg!

  247. Victoria said:

    I love the Nicole Hobo Bag in Berry!

  248. Lisa said:

    The Eva Tote in Cognac or the Mia Tote in Olive. I can’t decide!

  249. Marianthe said:

    Preggers Portland Mom-to-be (December 13th); moving into my second season of maternity clothes. Make me feel stylish again with a cute bag or tote!

    missing my ‘normal’ clothes….

  250. Anne said:

    My fav is the Simone Tote: Cognac!