kove boot liners

Sunday was our first official rain of the season.  we spent most of the day inside but got out for just a little break in the clouds for a lesuirely stroll.  our lesuirely stroll soon turned into a quick walk and soon we found ourselves dashing for cover as the rain began to downpour.  thankfully we’d remembered the rain cover for Wolf’s stroller or he would have been woken up with a nice drizzly surprise.

but it got me thinking about fall and leggings and scarves and rain boots.  I’d love these boot warmers from Kove to keep my legs warm!


5 Responses to “kove”

  1. wishful nals said:

    i am always chilled, so boot warmers sound amazing. that’s such a dreamy photo, too.

  2. Anna of (Green Gable) said:

    Love this! Wish it were cold enough where I live to wear them, Wonderful knits at Kove, too.

    xo, Anna of :green gable:

  3. Lauren said:

    you need leg warmers with hunter wellingtons, even if they’re neoprene lined!

  4. julie @ duet letterpress said:

    never thought i’d say this but i’m sort of jealous you have a rainy season. it hasn’t rained here in austin in many months. every thing is crispy dry.

  5. Susan Hazel said:

    Yes, totally. I have the Hunters, which I love, but I need some great socks to go with them now!