alfabet earrings


I love these alfabet earrings from By Boe.  I think I’d get a W.  what letters would you get?


16 Responses to “alfabet earrings”

  1. Sutton said:

    i need some “s” ones asap! adding it the christmas list, wait, *starting8 christmas list with them

    great find!


  2. Lexie said:

    i have the little catbird initial earring — i wear a “k” for my best friend! these are really cute, too!

  3. Jessica said:

    What a great idea! I’d love to collect a whole set, and wear them as brooches or lapel pins, spelling different things out, like my husband’s initials or short words (“yes”! “soon”! “love”!), or just a letter here and there in a small cluster of brooches.

    I’d probably wear them in my ears, sometimes, too. :)

  4. Dani Kreeft said:

    these are so lovely! and so simple. i’d definitely go with k’s, for my last name. xo.

  5. odessa said:

    Ah, I’d probably pick a J for my mom Josephine. These are darling! And I love the model’s make-up. :)

  6. Marie said:

    Oh these are lovely! The b’s are beautiful – like little butterflies – but unfortunately I can’t fabricate a connection to the letter myself. Oh well, so onto the gift list they go!

  7. michy said:

    my initials are mm so i’m going to get two m’s! so excited! thanks for sharing.

  8. Marissa said:

    These are too cute. They look like paperclips. I’d get and M & an L.

  9. Meghan said:

    M & J. For my first and middle name….Meghan Jean. Or it can stand for my first name and my husbands first name…..Meghan and John!

  10. Sally said:

    These are fabulous, I love them!! I’d definitely get a couple of ‘s’ ones :)