big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip

did you know I used to have a food blog?  I found myself eating more than photographing so I abandon it years ago.  but there are lots of good recipes on there, like these chocolate chip cookies for example.  Joanna’s post on chocolate chip cookies inspired me to share my absolute favorite recipe with you.  the make the best cookies for ice cream sandwiches!  and holy cow, they are good.  here’s the recipe if you’re interested.

{photo by me}


6 Responses to “big, fat, chewy chocolate chip cookies”

  1. erica said:

    even after all this time, i miss your food blog. i still check it for ideas. all of those recipes for muffins and pie…mmm. i think i’m going to have to try your butternut squash pie with spiced whipped cream.

  2. Lauren at TwIn Style said:

    Oh man, you and Joanna are trying to kill me. I get the worst cravings for sweets, even though I try to avoid having them in the house. But fall always gives me the urge to bake, and chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorites. I made the Cook’s Illustrated chocolate chippers this summer, and now I want to try the NYT version, though I don’t know if the dough will survive 24-72 hours in my fridge without me scarfing half of it.

  3. indreams said:

    …i just had my laptop stolen, and with it, all my lovely yummy foodlinks. this will do as a replacement, i think! :) thank you for posting!

  4. Erin said:

    thank you for setting my sunday agenda my dear! xo

  5. Tracy Elaine said:

    Thanks so much for the reminder! It was perfect timing. I had a dinner party over the weekend, and I made your Vanilla Pear Cardamom pie recipe. It was so delicious, and a big hit!