imaginary outfit – pumpkin beer tasting

beers & babies

a few weeks ago, we got together with a group of friends for a pale ale beer tasting.  we had tiny glasses and many beers to sample.  it was lots of fun!  I’m thinking we need to do it again soon, perhaps with pumpkin brews before Halloween.

I put an outfit together, inspired by beer tasting with friends.  and it just so happens that these friends have babies too, so something included for the little ones as well to keep them entertained while the parents are beer tasting.

isabel marant roll cuff tee // ag denim leggings // conroy & wilcox thorn studs // samma semaphore necklace // lina rennell scarf // field notes // laurelwood stingy jack // the leather railway rucksack // animal instruments // sperry bellport boots


12 Responses to “imaginary outfit – pumpkin beer tasting”

  1. Marthe said:

    I really like the roll cuff tee! Love the colour:)

    And that field notes notebook. Need to get one of those!

    And not to mention pale ale. My fav.

    Can you tell I’m inspired by this post? ;)

  2. alexandra said:

    i want those boots!

    so strange, i was just invited to a pumpkin ale ‘tasting’ ! very topical. thanks!

  3. gia said:

    Love-love-love this! Great outfit and re: beer, I tried some amazing pumpkin beer last year in Boston that rocked my world. It was like 15% and really sweet (comparatively). Let us know if you find some that are sweet, I haven’t found any, and I just love the flavor of pumpkin with beer.

  4. gia said:

    Actually I think it was 30%.. just sayin’, in case someone knows what I’m talking about. :)

  5. Carolynn Cecilia said:

    Such the perfect cozy tomboy outfit. I wear my faux leather backpack all over nyc. it’s the best easy, chic accessory and gives a wonderful casual vibe, but with some oomph.

  6. Ande said:

    I love this outfit! Sucker for scarves so this one pulled me right in! Need to find a pair of shoes like those!

  7. esb said:

    H can’t stop making fun of topsiders, and now i kind of like them….?

  8. Caitlin R. said:

    I LOVE the topsiders so I clicked through and guess what? they’re on sale! ANNND with the coupon code “EVENT25″ they’re an EXTRA 25% OFF! How could I NOT get them? Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to start wearing the heck out of them!

  9. maggie said:

    Would totally wear this but add some ballet flats and jewels for me. Pumpkin beer yay!!