let me tell you about sell simply


have you guys heard of Sell Simply?  it’s a pretty amazing application that transforms Twitter into a marketplace. if  you ask me, that’s pretty darn cool.  you can publish any item that you sell on Etsy, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. with a photo to your feed.  then as if like magic, any of your followers can just reply “buy” to any listing Tweet and viola, a PayPal transaction is created and the product is soon to be yours!  find out more here…

bonus, you can even shop items sold via sell simply on their website!  one of my favorite vintage Etsy sellers, Trampoline, uses Sell Simply for a lot of her finds.  shop her selection here.

if you’re an Etsy seller, Ebay seller or other, I highly recommend you look into Sell Simply to boost your selling venues.


Sell Simply is a sponsor to Unruly Things and we were compensated for this post.  all of my words and opinions on the site are true.  I feel as though Sell Simply is a fantastic product and I hope to see more etsy users taking advantage of it!


3 Responses to “let me tell you about sell simply”

  1. mosey said:

    Very cool, I didn’t know about this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ethanollie said:

    all true! i have been selling there for a bit now and i can attest to the ease. it takes no time at all to import a listing, and when you tweet it out, there is no limit to the number of people it can reach. i like the local ‘want’ feature the best.

  3. sue@solsticehome said:

    i’m also a seller on sellsimply. love how simple this is to use. it adds a whole new dimension to my business. instant buyers and new contacts. one of my favorite things; the quick response time to questions or problems and constant improvements. what’s not to love :)