little white dress

sustainable wedding dress

I often see wedding dresses and it makes me want to get married all over again so I can wear them.  but all the planning?  I’ll just take the party next time thankyouverymuch!

this dress is so pretty and practical.  I mean come on, recycled lace & cotton, plus pockets!!!

8 Responses to “little white dress”

  1. mosey said:

    This is a super cute one! I too sometimes see a dress that makes me want to have our tiny wedding all over again.

  2. Allison said:

    LOVE this dress! Reminds me of a wedding dress I’ve been eyeing from Amsale. Where is this dress from? Maybe I’ll get it for my rehearsal dress!

  3. Allison said:

    Just kidding. I dont know how I didnt see the link before…. sorry!

  4. Felicity said:

    I have to admit that I’ve been married for almost eight years and bought a wedding dress from Goodwill over the summer. Max Mara for $20 and in my size? I couldn’t leave it behind! No idea what I’ll do with it. Vow renewal?

  5. allison said:

    gorgeous! but $650 worth of gorgeous…? if it were marketed as just another pretty dress (which, honestly, is what it looks like), you know the price would be more sensible for what you’re actually getting.

  6. Karissa {Tragic and Lovely} said:

    That’s so lovely! I always drool over wedding gowns too, despite already being married… Maybe we should start a trend to wear wedding dresses for each big anniversary :)

  7. Lexie said:

    i actually think the pockets do a disservice to the dress! they hit at the hips and aren’t flattering. other than that, it is lovely!