right this second…


I’m so so so so so happy that:
it’s Friday.  yippee!

I’m looking forward to:
chanterelle hunting.
autumn cooking {and baking perhaps!}
hanging out with my favorite little boy.

I’m wanting:
this dress.  talk about versatile!
this bell & saddle for my bike.
these sheets.

my thoughts are with:
Kate & Will.  if you haven’t heard, please take a minute to read about their situation on Kate’s blog.  Kate & Will have set up their shop in attempts to raise money to help with Will’s hospital debt.  as if you needed an excuse to purchase one of Kate’s rad prints anyway, right?  she’s pretty awesome, that Kate.  I like the circle prints the best.  read more their fundraiser here.  my thoughts are with you guys.  xo

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, friends!

{photo from taylor paige reynolds}


4 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Lauren said:

    Fall cooking is exactly what I am looking forward to right now. Two weeks ago I made snickerdoodle blondies, and this weekend I made a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. We bought a gallon of honeycrisp apple cider and a bag of honeycrisp apples, so I’m feeling very autumnal.

  2. sarah said:

    oooh, chantrelle hunting? How’d it go? I’m dying to go chantrelle or morel hunting – a guy at my husband’s firm has a good morel spot and I’m hoping that if I send in enough home-baked goodies this autumn, he’ll take us next time. (fingers crossed!)

  3. kate said:

    aw, thanks so much for spreading the word, Alyson!

  4. Erin said:

    I had to google Chanterelle and now I’m slighlty envious. Sounds like so much fun! I hope you were successful in your foraging :)