sock season


it’s official.  sock season is here.  I’m thinking I need to sway from my standard black and grey favorites for some bright patterned pairs this fall.

fair isle socks / cable knit long socks / long fair isle socks / big check socks


10 Responses to “sock season”

  1. Erin said:

    The yellow knit ones look so comfy! I’m thinking a search for handmade socks on Etsy is in order. :)

  2. Johanna said:

    Ooooh ::gasp!:: I have a sock obsession. Currently enjoying my new Happy Socks, but I’ll have to add these beauties to my list.

  3. Laurie Furber said:

    Gasp! I love socks. And tights. Can’t wait for the weather to cool off in NoCal so socks, tights and boots can come out.

  4. jesse said:

    love the fair isle socks! i did a post on my love affair of tights today

  5. Kate said:

    Love these! And they all look so warm and cozy too :)

  6. JennFizz said:

    Man, I love socks but, whoa, forty dollars for a pair of frickin’ socks!

  7. Eden said:

    I’d take a day off of work just to sit at home in those curry cable socks!!