sundance rings

sundance catalog rings

Sundance always has a beautiful collection of rings.  in fact, it was a ring from Sundance that first got me hooked on grey diamonds.

psst… did you know I have a rings category?  I often get requests for non-traditional engagement ring inspiration and created this category just for you.


5 Responses to “sundance rings”

  1. Ana SR said:

    They are gorgeous!
    What’s the link to the Sundance website? I couldn’t find it..

  2. alyson said:

    aren’t they?

    the link to the rings was as “rings” but I added another link as Sundance.

  3. alison said:

    Wow! Who knew Sundance had such gorgeous jewelery? Not me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Flora said:

    Oh, these are beautiful! You have something to find beautiful and unusual rings :)