suspended greenhouse lamp

glass greenhouse

I love this suspended greenhouse lamp by Czech designer Kristýna Pojerová.  wouldn’t it be fun to plant some herbs in there and hang it in your kitchen?

{via this is colossal}


5 Responses to “suspended greenhouse lamp”

  1. Jiyoonie said:

    this is awesome. totally looks like it should house little leprechauns or something :)

  2. Gloria said:

    This looks so magical – what an ingenious idea!

  3. Tracy Rosen said:

    I love it too! I wonder if I can diy one…the 1900$ price tag is a bit daunting!

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  4. Sydney said:

    That is such a good idea! I love the idea of having fresh herbs in the kitchen without them taking up precious counter/windowsill space! Now I just need to figure out to DIY one as that is definitely not in my budget!

  5. jennifer said:

    this is genius!! in the kitchen+herbs would be perfect…