thief & bandit kids

thief and bandit kids

I’m breaking my own rule by posting adorable kids stuff on UT, but this one is just too good.  I’m sure you’re all familiar with the incredible bold prints from Thief & Bandit, but did you know that they just opened a kids only shop?  Amie Cunningham, the designer behind Thief & Bandit, also has a son named Wolf!  Wolfgang is 19 months old and skateboards – how cool is that!?  not only is he the inspiration for her prints but she’s even going to add custom skate decks to her shop soon.

to celebrate their new shop opening, T&B are offering Unruly Things readers a special 30% discount off anything in the kids shop.  just enter coupon code UNRULY2011 at checkout anytime between now and next Monday, October 31.  I think Wolf needs some snakeskin print leggings, I mean come on – too cute!!    thanks so much Amie!


3 Responses to “thief & bandit kids”

  1. Melissa said:

    Thanks so much for posting this!! I’ve been trying to justify buying a pair of leggings for each of my kiddos, but haven’t until now. I love everything in their shop. I can’t wait for Felix & Penelope to sport their super hip leggings!

  2. bargain bex said:

    i cannot get over how darling those leggings are! ahh! love, love, love ‘em. must convince my sister dear to get them for her 3 year old :)

    p.s. speaking of your boy, wolf … i, as a fan of your blog, came across these earrings(http://wedreamincolour.com/jade/gilt.029.php) and couldn’t help but think of you and your little one.


  3. fanfamfun said:

    thanks for breaking your rule. (you should do it more often!) this is a great find. i will for sure be checking out their site. x