tracey tanner

tracey tanner small zip

Tracey Tanner zip pouches in all the colors of the rainbow.  my favorite is the distressed silver.


8 Responses to “tracey tanner”

  1. jamie said:

    i am in DESPERATE need of a little zip pouch for my ID and moneys that can go from pocket to wallet/bag to baby carrier. really wanted a tracey tanner but they are too big. :( wish she would make a mini 3×4 type sized one! just for a couple cards and bills!

  2. Brittany said:

    i just went to the website to see how much they were and they have even more colors!

  3. JIllian said:

    OO sweet. loving these. off to check out their website! xoxo jillian

  4. Sarah said:

    I’ve long been a fan of Tracy Tanner! Such a great product; so glad I was able to find them at a local home decor boutique!