ugglebo + discount

ugglebo clogs

I love my Ugglebo clogs so much.  they are so comfortable.  these new styles are fantastic – especially those boots!

Ugglebo just launched a brand spankin new website and to celebrate they’re offering a special discount to Unruly Things readers – 20% off any pair of clogs! just use coupon code Unruly20 at checkout.


9 Responses to “ugglebo + discount”

  1. erica said:

    oh yay, i was just looking at their clogs the other day.

  2. Lauren said:

    They’re cute, but they look a bit uncomfortable :/

  3. alyson said:

    hey Lauren – I’ve got a pair and they are comfortable!

  4. Ana SR said:

    I got a pair… and I slipped in the rain in May and broke my foot. They are lovely and super comfy, but not rainy-Portlandy friendly.

  5. Jennifer said:

    These are so tempting. I love clogs and I really need new shoes, plus it’s hard to pass up on a discount! Decisions, decisions. :)

  6. Leah said:

    These are so stinking cute! I’m nervous they wouldn’t have good traction in the winter though in the snow? Do you know if they are good for the winter months, i’m loving the shearling ones.

  7. Kiki said:

    These clogs are the greatest! They are so comfortable, I never want to take mine off! I am a serious connoisseur of comfort, and after finding Ugglebo Clogs I’ll never look back! This discount code is incredible!! I can’t wait to get a pair of the boots!!!

    Leah – All of my clogs that I’ve purchased from Ugglebo have a rigid rubber sole on the bottom of the wood base. You can sort of see it in the pictures above. This provides really good traction in the winter months. Of course as with any shoe, you can always slip and fall, so it’s best to be cautious while walking on ice. ;)

  8. Rachel said:

    A couple of questions…

    I’m considering the Lisbon style b/c I’m in serious need of black shoes. Do the mule-style clogs stay on your feet well? Even with tights? I’m not exactly a delicate or slow walker, so I’m worried they’ll go flying off of my feet or I’ll slip out of them.

    I’d go for the Victoria instead, but I’m not sure I want to pay for custom colors to get them in black.