wishlisted: lace-up boots


last year I obsessed pretty hard on a pair of lace-up boots.  then they soon sold out and disappeared.  admittedly, I still haunt ebay in hopes that my size might appear.  but until then, I’m on to finding a new pair.  here’s a few I like right now.

p. monjo // madewell workwear biker boot // dr. martens cath //rag & bone wessex // lace-up canvas combat boots // a.p.c. lace-up leather ankle // frye paige mid lace // abel shearling lined


5 Responses to “wishlisted: lace-up boots”

  1. Kasey said:

    Ohhhh. I am totally lusting over some laceup boots now!

  2. Kathleen said:

    I’m looking for a pair too! I usually buy too soon and then the perfect pair shows up after.. TOM’s has few cute affordable (79$) pairs.

  3. Karin said:

    that’s a great selection of boots! i’m so glad i held onto my olive green suede doc martens from high school…which i somehow managed to keep looking like-new! :)