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fool’s gold

yo vintage

this year, I made myself a strict rule to not post anything holiday related until after Thanksgiving.  sure, it’s been on my mind {a LOT} but I decided to wait.  now that the turkey is all gobbled up, on to holiday fashion!!

I just love these dramatic lookbook shots from Portland local Yo Vintage.  the collection is called Fool’s Gold and it consists of lots of sparkly, fancy attire.  how great is that top shot, photographed in front of the Brave Star Pendleton blanket?!  hello blue sequins!  check out the shop online.

and for you Portlanders – Yo Vintage will be at the PDX Bazaar later this month!!

{photos from yo vintage}


on the hunt.

hooded wool coat

Portland winter days are a filled with a dreary misty rain more often than not.  sometimes that rain is combined with wind that usually turns an umbrella inside out.  I quickly learned that a wool coat with a hood is an absolute must.  I’ve got a charcoal grey coat that I’ve had for two winters but I’d like another so I can have more of a rotation.  these two duffle coats are topping my list.

{from asos}


right this second…

right this second

I’m wishing for:
laughter and
big breakfasts.

I’m starting my Christmas list with:
this ring, which is actually on my permanent wist list.
this parka.

I’m excited for:
the PDX Bazaar at Sandbox Studios at 420 NE 9th Avenue, Portland on December 10-11, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  so many good vendors, I can hardly stand to wait.

wishing you a happy weekend friends.  stay warm!

{photo from portlandbeer}