big or small?


sometimes hunting for the perfect bag can be daunting. ¬†especially when two pretty much perfect bags present themselves to you and you’re faced with the question, big or small?

which do you like best?

{clare vivier from mohawk general store}

22 Responses to “big or small?”

  1. Felicity said:

    Big, but only because one of my necessary items is a Moleskine notebook and it wouldn’t fit in the small one! Both are so classic, you can’t go wrong.

  2. Annie Mac said:

    Both are gorgeous, but I’d go with the small — it’s so liberating to edit your stuff down to the necessities. I recently made the change and am loving it!

  3. gia said:

    big, I love the look!

  4. London said:

    small!! I only have a few things to carry and I hate lugging around things I don’t need.

  5. hannah said:

    Have baby? Go big!!

    (or at least big enough to throw a nappy wallet in!)

  6. kate said:

    Big. I have way to much that I carry around… some joke that I should have stopped calling it a purse when it got to the point where a small army could survive a week in the wilderness with only the contents of my bag…

  7. Lauren at TwIn Style said:

    I like medium-big bags in general, but I also have small ones for vacations or concerts, when I only want the absolute necessities.

  8. Sara/Matchbox Kitchen said:

    Both! I have the CV messenger bag and it’s so perfect, but I’m longing for the mini sac for when I just need the essentials and don’t need to lug around my DSLR.

  9. charlotte said:

    i’ve had the big one for a year or so and it’s such a good bag. plenty of room for everything including a camera which is a pre-requisite when i look for a bag!

  10. Gemma said:

    I’ve recently started using smaller bags and I love them but can only really manage carrying so little at the weekend, I now really need a bigger bag for Winter (i.e. one that isn’t a canvas tote!) so my vote goes to the big.

  11. Sarah said:

    I own the small one, and as cute as it is, it’s not very practical. It only fits my wallet and phone — no keys. I end up having to clip my keys to my belt loop when I use the small CV bag.

    Go big!

  12. Nome said:

    Small can be great, but in this particular case, bigger is better. Good luck!

  13. rebecca said:

    So I started wearing Clare Vivier bags 2 years ago. I have the iphone pouch (one of her first small bags) and convinced my friend to buy her large bag (as my friend wanted something non-designer brand yet beautiful and useful). it’s NOT that big in real life. I feel it’s has a good slouchy feel to it. she makes LOVELY bags. just purchased her bank bag clutch. And she’s super nice too! I vote both! But Love the big one!

  14. Ella said:

    Big! And then also small. Because can you really go wrong with two classic bags by Clare Vivier? I’d go with the word ‘investment’, in case anybody was to question your judgement :)

  15. Elena said:

    Big for sure. They’re both timeless bags but the bigger one seems more practical.

  16. Margaret said:

    I have both but I get more wear out of the messenger. It’s quite light and I got the handles lengthened for a small fee so I can wear it on my shoulder both ways. You can buy Clare Vivier at Pretty Mommy. They often seem to offer codes where you can get them cheaper.

  17. samantha keane said:

    The big! Love it!

  18. allison said:

    def big…i have the same clare vivier bag in navy and i’m bonkers for it. i imagine that all of my other bags are sad because they never get a turn in the rotation anymore. oh, and it’s actually not that big…it’s more normal sized. super slouchy and perfect. and you can def cram your essentials in there as well as some stuff for baby.

  19. Heath said:

    I have the larger bag in navy blue and i am obsessed with it!

  20. asia said:

    I like both. BTW, I’d had my eye on the Ellington tote you posted about last year and finally got it for myself– I LOVE it! I guess I’m a fan of big bags right now because I can fit a book, water bottle, and snacks for the kids. My coach bag is classic but tiny.