collette ishiyama

collette ishiyama

I’m obsessed with this collection from Collette Ishiyama with handcast brass and stingray leather.

yes, stingray leather.  who knew?

{via catbird}

7 Responses to “collette ishiyama”

  1. Tiffany said:

    I saw her work so long ago but haven’t seen it since. Thanks for reminding me of her stunning work! Those earrings are to die for!!

  2. Leah said:

    Oh man….loooooooooooove these!!! I would wear any and all of those bad boys.

  3. sarah said:

    oh my, i love these so much!!!! want so many of her pieces.

  4. Susan Hazel said:

    Wow, those are beautiful, especially love the earrings you featured at the bottom.