constellation calendar

constellation calendar

many of you might remember my very awesome, totally rad constellation chart that my dear friend Amy made for us last Christmas.  we’ve got it hanging in Wolf’s room.  well, Amy created this very awesome, totally rad constellation calendar that she’s selling in very limited editions in her shop.  it’s printed with metallic silver ink, you guys.  pick yours up right here.


5 Responses to “constellation calendar”

  1. Angela said:

    thank you, i have now found gift #1 for the hubs!

  2. Laura said:

    Gorgeous, just purchased one for my Secret Santa recipient at work!

  3. blythe said:

    my husband would love this too — just pinned it! thank you!

  4. Brittany said:

    so beautiful! i take my dog outside late at night often and i’ve been trying to remember to look up at the stars. on a clear night they are just breathtaking. this is just the thing to remind me. thanks for sharing!