himalayan shawls


I adore these pretty Himalayan shawls but I can’t help but think that they’d be beautiful table runners.


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  1. bigBANG studio said:

    KULLU SHAWLS! I nearly dropped my evening mug of tea when I spotted these! I live in Brooklyn now, but I lived but a stone’s throw from the Kullu Valley in Northeast India this past year, and I gave everyone and their mother (literally!) a Kullu shawl for Xmas. They are all hand-loomed, and for the most part colored with vegetable-based dyes, by a cooperative of women (amazing history to the company) called Bhuttico. These ones posted are more traditional for men, but the women’s designs are OFF. THE. HOOK. I did a post on them ages ago if you want more eye candy:


  2. kimia kline said:

    these are incredible. but i cant help thinking the same thing about table runners :)