on the hunt.

hooded wool coat

Portland winter days are a filled with a dreary misty rain more often than not.  sometimes that rain is combined with wind that usually turns an umbrella inside out.  I quickly learned that a wool coat with a hood is an absolute must.  I’ve got a charcoal grey coat that I’ve had for two winters but I’d like another so I can have more of a rotation.  these two duffle coats are topping my list.

{from asos}


11 Responses to “on the hunt.”

  1. Ilmarie said:

    Oh my gosh, the first one is perfection!
    Can’t decide between tobacco, green and marine!!!

  2. debbie said:

    i was looking at that top coat in navy this weekend. so wanted to buy it but they didn’t have my size. darn!

  3. Carolynn Cecilia said:

    I didn’t know how badly I wanted a hooded toggle coat until i saw this post. Now I’m destined to a winter of coat envy. Thanks for ruining my life… in a wonderful way!

  4. Diana said:

    I was wondering if you know where can i get that bag?! I LOVE it