sparkling green, blue and red


I’m obsessing over these rings by Caitlin Mociun, especially that bright blue sapphire.

have you see some of her custom jewelry?  just gorgeous.


7 Responses to “sparkling green, blue and red”

  1. blythe said:

    these are stunning. i’ve never seen a setting like that blue sapphire one. its gorgeous!

  2. sarah said:

    WOW. LOVE the stacked sapphire ring – it’s so unusual! Ah, if only I were rich =)

  3. Nome Alone said:

    Oh my gosh! That sapphire with the brown jewels is such a great color combination!

  4. Nicki said:

    Oh my word, I love the green one. I have never seen her jewelry until now, but thank you so much for introducing me to it. I love it!