wishlisted: glitter socks

glitter socks

I can’t stop thinking about these glittery socks from the No. 6 lookbook.  how perfect are they for the holidays or just some general glam?  I did some digging and found these pretty ones from Comme des Garcons and Maria La Rosa but they come with a spendy price tag for poly or rayon blend socks.  anyone seen any cute metallic socks out there?

{no. 6 lookbook spotted on size too small}


19 Responses to “wishlisted: glitter socks”

  1. victoria said:

    every year I vow this is the year I do socks and clogs with dresses. i adore it.

  2. mandy said:

    I have these as tights and they make me feel so Christmasy! I love the ankle versions!

  3. Katey said:

    love love love. i have the tights too – and wish i wasnt such a loser of socks. every time i get cute ones the monsters under the bed eat them.

  4. Jill Wignall said:

    I bet Topshop would do glittery socks. They’d be more affordable. I like to wear my silver socks with little cropped skinny black trousers. Fun!

  5. sylvi said:

    ee! makes me miss my over-the-knee, glittery silver ones back home… but that darker, pewter hue is nice too.

    but they can be so itchy and scratchy, especially the cheapo ones…

  6. lisanne said:

    so cute! love the peep toe clogs too. marc by marc has glittery socks for $18 in silver and gold…

  7. gia said:

    I found some simiarl at a nordstrom sale a year or two ago, maybe they will be there this time around too! And the nordstrom sale starts today, go figure. I love them.

  8. abby said:

    but what about those shoes. Love them!

  9. jenni said:

    yes, those shoes are amazing, what brand are they?

  10. angela j. said:

    love that combo of shoes and socks! i’m wondering what brand the shoes are too…

  11. alyson said:

    the shoes are No. 6!! there is a link to the site in the post. off to check out your suggestions – thanks!

  12. Amy said:

    Have you tried Sock Dreams in Portland? They have an incredible selection and they are very affordable.

  13. alyson said:

    Heather I LOVE the AA ones!!!!! great find, thank you!

  14. Geena said:

    my room mate has these from american apparel!
    very stylish :)

  15. Cheryl said:

    Wild!I had these in the 90s and loved them. Though I wore them with creepers not clogs. Ha ha. I agree they can be a bit itchy.